Domestic Heating and Plumbing

Covering all aspects of home plumbing, drainage and heating.

Leaking taps
Blocked drains
System flushes
Installation of new bathrooms
Boiler breakdown
Boiler servicing
Installation of new boilers
Pumps - Radiators
Cylinder installs
Pressurised systems
Wireless heating controls
Oil, LPG and GAS work

And much more! If you have any enquiries call our team or use the contact us page.

Boiler failures, what to do immediately.

If your central heating or boiler system fails, turn the power off. If there are water leaks from the system, also turn your water supply off at either the stop cock or the building main. Call us on 01933 624488

Emergency Gas Leaks

If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, you can call 0800 111 999, this is the National Gas Emergency Service.

  • Opening doors and windows
  • Turning the gas off at the meter unless the meter is located in the cellar/basement
  • Avoiding the use of any naked flames or electrical switches

The National Gas Engineer will “Make Safe” any leak. You can then call us 01933 624488 to have your supply or appliance repaired.