Raunds Manor School – Install 6″ Magna Clean


February 13, 2017

About This Project

Job Description – The job in hand was to install a 6” Magna clean valve on a heating system. The technology makes this product great for all demanding applications.

  • Guaranteed central heating system protection from black iron oxide
  • Simple, trouble-free servicing
  • Restores central heating system to peak performance and efficiency
  • Extended operational life of the system
  • No ongoing running costs
  • Collects large and micro-particles of sludge that build-up in the boiler
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Integral sight glass assembly allows easy inspection of debris captured
  • Quality of cast body verified by XRay analysis
  • Specification and construction conforms to Pressure Equipment Directive PED 97/23/EC
  • EPDM full face flange gaskets for robust sealing at high temperatures
  • Drain plug with BSPT threads ensuring effective seal and easy maintenance

First we had to cut a section of 5” pipe out. We drained the system down and used a reciprocating saw to make the cuts.

We then welded in position two 5” to 6” steel reducers, and carried out a non-destructive (dye penetrant) weld test to check for soundness.

Next we welded on the two 6” PN16 flanges in position, there was just a 5” gap from the ground to the underside of the pipe. Welding pipe in position is never easy but with such tight parameters this made for a real challenge.

We then installed the 6” butterfly (shut off) valves. These would enable the school caretaker to isolate the Magna clean so he can clean out the filter with ease as required.

The 6” Magna Clean weighing in at some 70Kgs was then lifted into position and bolted into place. The system was refilled and pressurised to 2 bar and immediately through the sight glass you could see the magnets collecting the dirt from the system. We then painted the new pipework with red oxide paint, pressure washed the boiler and left in good working order.